IACEE 2021
Information for oral presenters

Preparing for your virtual presentation

Authors of accepted and registered papers for IACEE 2021 are encouraged to send a pre-recorded video and their power point slides of their presentation.

Your presentation video files (Mp4) and PPT files (saved as PDF) must be uploaded to https://www.dropbox.com/request/ZxfUNb0z8REOzjo7UWM8  
Please name the files with: Session name and presenting author.

Approx. 2 weeks before the Conference starts, you will receive login details to the portal, and invitation to test the portal functionality. 

Oral presentation

The pre-recorded presentation will be played to the audiences in the scheduled session during the virtual conference. During this time presenters should be online and following the broadcasting. Presenters are requested to enter the Session room prior to the schedule time and check their presentation, sound and camera settings.

Once the presentation is over, the audiences will have the opportunity to ask their questions to you as the presenter. Appropriate presentation time (with 3 minutes for Q&A) will be allocated to every presenter.

Pre-recorded video:

Duration: Presenting in Session – 15 minutes
File size: 100MB max
Video file format: mp4
Dimensions: Minimum height 480 pixels, aspect ratio: 16:9 
Resolution = 720p HD

Please note the final specifications will be checked at the time of submission and files not compliant may not be uploaded.
Information such as the title of your paper, authors’ name and affiliation must appear on the first slide of your presentation. The presentation must be in English.

Power Point slides:

Maximum 5 slides. 
File format: PPT, PPTX saved as PDF
Dimensions: Minimum height 480 pixels, aspect ratio: 16:9
The slides will be available for all attendees in the poster gallery in the virtual conference portal.

Information for your oral presentation:
You as a presenter will have access to your session 10-15 minutes before the session starts for the attendees. The session icon will have a red color if you have this access.
· Preferably use Google Chrome as web browser. Use a stable network. Wired network is always best.
· Check your audio and video outlets. Wired headphones with a microphone are preferred for an optimal sound.
· Be prepared, and ready to present. (Check your session time in the program).
· Enter your session room 10-15 minutes before the session time to meet your chairman and technical help to check your pre-recorded video. Click “join meeting” – a new window opens – click “open meeting in zoom”. The session will start in the pre-set webinar platform Zoom and the Zoom-icon for this window will show below on your screen. 
· Use two screens if possible, to manage your presentation activity on one screen and to keep an eye on the virtual portal with the session time and control room on the other screen. 
· Follow time allocation strictly.
· As a speaker you will see all attendees with their video on, but the attendees will only see the one who is speaking.
· The session chair will introduce you, select live questions and remind you about the time.
· Technical help will be available in the session room in case you need it. You can also chat with him/her through the control room in the OnAIR portal if you have any problems or questions during the session.

· Dress appropriately, keep your background simple and uncluttered. Virtual background is not available.
· Close unnecessary programs running on your computer. Turn off your phone, email, Skype, Slack, Tik Tok and other distractions running on your computer.
· Try to have natural lighting on your face.
· Be conscious of speaking to the camera and smile. Speak to the attendees as if they are in the same room.