IACEE 2021
Presenters guide to the conference portal – OnAIR

Introduction to the OnAIR conference portal

This is a short introduction for those who are giving a presentation in the virtual conference portal OnAIR.
You usually register for the conference as a speaker in an online registration form and are assigned a role that gives you the right access to the program item you are to contribute to.
In this guide, we will show Presenter View – and explain the various tools you can use when presenting, and things that are important to keep in mind in order for you to get the best possible benefit from the session.

Logging in to OnAIR

Approx. 2 weeks before the Conference starts, you will receive login details to the portal, and invitation to test the portal functionality. We recommend that you log in and set up your profile as early as possible and in good time before the conference starts. Feel free to upload a picture of yourself.
Once logged in, you will find a short introductory video that shows the portal’s possibilities and functionality.
If you are registered, but have not received a link to the IACEE OnAIR conference portal – please contact us by e-mail: iacee2021@videre.ntnu.no.

Main screen

After logging in and setting up your profile, you will come to the main page where you will find the program, exhibition and attendees.

Screenshot of conference portal showing the main page with schedule

Program timeline

The program is on the left side and this makes up the largest part of the screen.

At the top of the Program timeline you can select which day to display. Select day by clicking on the desired date.

The program is designed as a timeline with the first activities at the top and the last activities at the bottom. A red line marks the time you are at and it will move down the schedule as time progresses.

Find your session

It’s easy to find sessions you have an active role in. If you have an assigned role (presenter, chair, exhibitor etc.), the icon to the left of the program title is highlighted with an orange color (see picture below). The other sessions will have gray icons.

session icons

When can I enter my session?

As a chair, moderator, panelist or presenter, you can enter your designated item at any time by pressing the “Preview” button to get familiar with the session screen and, if you wish, set up an in session poll in advance of the session. (if this feature is enabled for your session.)
The actual live meeting accessed by The «join meeting» button will be open for you 30 minutes – latest 15 minutes before the session starts.

Session screen (presenters view )

The image below shows what the screen will look like when you enter a session in which you have the role of speaker / session chair or technician. 

Screenshot of OnAIR session screen

On AIR features

Live Q&A

In the presenters view in the OnAir portal, you will see any questions sent from the attendees:

Screenshot of incoming questions in OnAIR Q & A

In Live Q&A you can see incoming questions from the participants.

Notice the icons on the right side of the selected (top) question:

  • Click the star icon to move the question to the top of the list (also make the question appear in the “Starred” tab)
  • Click the pencil icon to give your answer to the question in the chat (Live Q&A). An answered question is moved automatically to the “Answered Questions” tab.
  • Click the check icon to move an answered question to the “Answered Questions” tab. This is useful when you give your answer orally.
  • Click the trash can icon to delete the question

You can assign a moderator to review and sort questions in advance so you can focus on your participants’ answers.

Live Poll

With Live Poll you can create questions for the participants to answer and then show the result to the participants during the presentation.

You can create poll questions at any time before your session, or even create one during the session. All the results can be exported when your session is over.

If Poll is enabled for your session, it will appear as a middle column on the OnAIR screen. Clicking the “+Question” button, will let you add questions to your poll.

screenshot of add question button
Start launches the poll
Screenshot of poll pre-launch
  • End closes the poll
  • Sharing results will display real-time results in the poll window, visible to the audience.
  • Reset will remove all answers and reset it to the unanswered task. (This button will only appear after the poll is ended.)
Screenshot of poll live

Presenters Chat

The presenters chat is located in the right column in the OnAIR session view.
If there are multiple contributors / presenters in your session, you can use the “Presenters Chat” to have an informal chat conversations before or during the session with them. This chat is not visible to the audience.

Controlroom Chat

The controlroom chat is located in the right column in the OnAIR session view.
Each session has a designated technician who controls and monitors the event, they will be in a virtual control room. This chat allows you to have a chat conversation with the technicians who keep an eye on your session.


Use two screens

It is highly recomended to use two screens when presenting in OnAIR. Put your OnAIR window on one screen and the video conferencing (ZOOM) on the other.

Use a wired network

To ensure good bandwidth and stability, you should use a wired network, instead of WiFi.

Sound & vision

Use a calm background.

Have good lighting.
Check that you appear ok on the screen, without hard shadows or extreme highlights.

Use a microphone with good sound.
If you don’t have a separate microphone, the microphone on a headset is better than the one on your computer (usually).

Going LIVE

Start the session

Enter the meeting In good time (10 min.) before the meeting goes live. You do this by clicking the “Join meeting” button  (top of screen).

Join meeting button

This will open Zoom (video conference) in a new browser tab.

Follow the instructions in the dialogue window:

  1. when prompted click “Open Zoom Meetings”
  2. Then click “Join with Computer Audio”

Now is a good time to put Zoom on one of your screens and OnAIR on the other.

In Zoom:

  1. Start video (lower left corner of Zoom screen)
  2. Allow a minute into the session for all attendees to be present.

Sharing your presentation in Zoom

Sharing your screen, ie show a presentation or a recording from your PC:

  1. Click “Share Screen” at the bottom (toolbar) of your Zoom screen.
  2. Select the window you want to share
  3. Click “Share

“LIVE” indicator

When your session goes live, the “LIVE” indicator will appear in the top of the OnAIR screen.

Keep an eye on the OnAIR screen

If Q&A is enabled, questions from the audience will be displayed on the OnAIR screen.

Watch your time

The session will end on time. Be sure to have time to come to a close. It is better to end two minutes early than to be cut off in the middle of a sentence.

Screenshot of the OnAIR clock

The countdown clock is displayed in the top of the OnAir screen.

Good luck and have a great conference!